Yellowstone Montessori Academy is a limited liability company (LLC) registered in the State of Montana. This preschool also uses the business names of Yellowstone Montessori and Yellowstone Montessori Institute. The school is not affiliated with nor does it promote any other school, church, religious belief, business or non-profit organization. The school opened for children in November, 2007. Constance and Edward Dratz purchased the school property on July 15, 2010. Until that time the school leased the property.

Yellowstone Montessori is licensed as a child care center through the Montana Department of Health and Human Services Child Care Licensing Bureau. Since this environment of children, staff, materials, building and grounds provides a Montessori education, and its primary purpose is education, rather than "day-care," we call it a school. In Montana any facility which cares for more than three 3-4 year-old children from different families for more than three hours each day must register as a group-care facility or day-care center for children and meet all the requisite state codes. We have a conditional use permit from the City of Bozeman Planning Department to operate a day-care center at this location. Our health and safety procedures and student files are audited by the Public Health Nurse each year. Further, we are inspected each year by the city fire and sanitation departments. All staff has annual Red Cross First Aid and CPR training in addition to college degrees and graduate work or degrees. Three teachers are Montessori certified and the fourth is an elementary art teacher.

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