Yellowstone Montessori Academy

Yellowstone Montessori Academy welcomes children of all races, national origins, and creeds and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion or family of origin. We are committed to having a diversified student body for benefit of all. Admissions decisions are based on a first-come first-served basis, depending upon the number of openings available and the schedule requested by the parent(s). Montessori principles stipulate that a class needs to be as closely balanced as possible as to the number and gender of students in each age group. This is difficult to achieve when all of the students do not attend full day programs. Diversity is always an important consideration in the formation of a class community.

The application procedure is as follows:

  • a) Parents and child(ren) meet with the head of school and tour the school. Applicant families are given written information and an application;
  • b) Parents submit the completed application with $50 fee;
  • c) Parents first receive a e-mail or phone call which is followed by a formal letter of acceptance. If acceptance is within a couple of months of attendance, a registration packet is included with the acceptance;
  • d) Or, parents are notified that their child is on the waiting list or not accepted.
  • e) Parents complete the contract and other forms in the registration packet and mail or bring them with the registration fee of $125 and materials fee of $160 to the school.
  • f) Registration must be completed prior to, or on the first day the child attends school by paying remainder of first month's tuition according to the chosen program (half-day or full day) and completing the remaining forms required by the State of Montana.

Early Childhood Education Bozeman MT
Early Childhood Education Bozeman MT
Early Childhood Education Bozeman MT

Contact Information

Constance Dratz, Owner and Head Teacher
Yellowstone Montessori Academy
1705 West Kagy Blvd.
Bozeman, Montana 59715

Phone: 406-587-5667
E-mail: yellowstonemontessori@hotmail.com

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