Yellowstone Montessori Academy seeks to provide a special learning environment according to the philosophy, educational methods and materials of Dr. Maria Montessori. The program is for children from the approximate ages of 3.0 to 6.5 years and focuses on promoting and enhancing each child's fulfillment of their greatest potential.


  • To assist individual children in gaining knowledge and skills in academic, artistic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual (character, manners and moral development) areas in an atmosphere of kindness, creativity, joy, freedom, self discipline and harmony;
  • To focus on each child's needs individually, endeavoring to draw out his/her innate love of learning and joy in exploration; and
  • To support the development of self confidence in interpersonal relationships that will provide a foundation for the child's success in the future;
  • To provide a beautiful, safe and fully-equipped Montessori indoor and outdoor environment that attracts the attention and interest of young children.
  • To provide loving, highly trained and experienced staff who knows how to meet the needs of preschool aged children.

Summer Early Childhood Education Bozeman Montana